Short-Term radon testing for Real-Estate Transactions

OntarioACHI have been working with the Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (CARST) as part of the Real Estate Committee throughout the past winter/spring on a document which details a process of surveying radon levels during a real estate transaction.  

The document still bases a recommendation for mitigation on a long-term test, but provides an indicator reading through use of a short-term test.  

The CARST Board has reviewed the suggested document and feels that it is a potential option for homeowners to look at if they want to have an assessment of radon levels done during a real estate transaction without having time to perform a long-term transaction.

Mark Diplock with the CARST Board presented details of the CARST Real Estate Guideline at the recent CARST Conference in Banff.  The presentation provides a quick summary of the document and the process/research that went into the development of the concept, and can be viewed here: CARSTs Real Estate Testing Guideline,

CARST would like to have input from the professionals on the CARST Real Estate Guideline document.  The complete document can be viewed here: Guideline for Conducting Measurements of Radiation from Radon as Part of a Real Estate Transaction-6 April 2017 - final draft.pdf

CARST have provided a document which can be used to provide Submission for Changes - May 2017 (word document will download when you click).  CARST is eager to get input on this, and so please take time to review the document and them your feedback by June 5, 2017.

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