Safety Bulletin
Inspecting the Roof

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The Home Inspection Standard of Practice requires the Home Inspector to inspect roofs.

Depending upon the Standard, the requirements are slightly different for the Home Inspection, but for roofs all say pretty much the same thing.

The Inspector shall inspect readily accessible parts of the roof, roof drainage, roof flashing and roof penetrations including the chimney.  The inspector's report shall describe the roof coverings, the method(s) used to inspect the roof and material defects, including deficiencies, damage, missing components, decay, water issues, or other concerns that can impair the intended function of the roof components.

The method to inspect the roof in all standards (except the CUSPHIP) is left up to the Inspector. 

Recent changes to the labour and occupational health & safety regulations can put the Home Inspector in breach of the law, leading to the risk of fines.

The safety bulletin below attempts to give some guidance to keep Inspectors, and the homes they inspect safe by suggesting methods to inspect the roof and the roofing components.

How we suggest you inspect a roof safely

Navigating prohibitive regulations while continuing to service the needs of your clients at heights is a complex problem here we...

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