Inspectors News Flash
4th May, 2017

This is not the regular Newsletter but a News Flash to bring you up to date with recent news from OntarioACHI

This time of year, things are normally hectic for Home Inspectors across Ontario.  While the number of re-sale low-rise homes — detached, semi-detached and town houses on the market has increased year on year by about a third, the number of sales in this category of market, actually dropped by 3%.  Unfortunately, the number of inspections were also down, by anything up to 35% year on year, with the down-turn in 2016 for the same period being already down 45% on 2015.

But what the heck, we don't want to spread bad news, we are sending you this to announce a series of contests we are going to run on the OntarioACHI website and Social Media where as a Home Inspector you can win things that you can actually use on inspections.

The first contest is a teaser.  It's on Facebook, and it's open to all Ontario Inspectors.  All you need to do is go to our Facebook page (if you haven't liked it yet, now's a good time to do so) and post in the comments section of the contest a photo that you've taken as part of a home inspection.  Add a witty comment and you'll automatically be entered with a chance to win a General Tools PNG1 combustible gas detector.

The Facebook page link is here:

We will be running more contests over the next few weeks.  Keep an eye out for them.

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