Inspectors Newsletter - March/April 2017

Admiral Inn Mississauga

2017 Conference and AGM

The fifth OntarioACHI annual conference was another success for your association.  While the general conference attendance numbers were down, the overall number of people attending the event was up year on year.   With two days and three independent events we heard from attendees that we should do more each year both in terms of content and number of events.  We have passed on comments to the organisers who worked really hard at arranging the event this year.

The Home Inspection Act, 2017 is now in force


Bill 59 has passed through the Assembly and has received Royal Assent.   The long process of developing the regulations now starts.

Schedule 1 of the Bill dealt with the creation of the Home Inspection Act, 2017.  That Act is now in force.
As far as the rest of the regulations what we know for sure is:

• a new government developed Delegated Administrative Authority will be created to regulate the Profession,

• The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Act, 1994 has been repealed,

• OAHI no longer has the legislated right to title for the R.H.I.

• Mandatory "prescribed" insurance will be required for ALL Home Inspectors,

• At present, there is no guarantee that ANY designation for Home Inspectors will be "transferred-in" to the final licensing program,

• All Home Inspectors are going to have to identify that they have achieved a level of education that meets the needs of the new regulations.

Your association will continue to work closely with the Government to ensure the needs of the Profession are taken into account when meeting the needs of the Consumers.

Insurance - We really need your input

We now know that Errors and Omissions Insurance is, as we always suspected, going to be a mandatory requirement as part of the regulation process. The CCHI program in Ontario has always mandated E&O Insurance Professional Indemnity Insurance, as well as Police Background Checks, and we have continued to work with Insurers to reduce the rates of premiums.  There is likely to be a free-for-all in the insurance market as insurers scramble to "get on the bandwagon".  We strongly believe that arguing from a position of strength is the best way forward, and we will continue to lobby for lower premiums for Home Inspectors in Ontario but we need your help …

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Calendar for April

Your Board of Directors and Volunteers have a number of meetings in the coming weeks that we would like to inform our members of.

• Informal meetings with Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. We will be discussing a range of topics surrounding the regulations including:
   - Standards of Practice
   - Certification and License process and auditing
   - Educational requirements

• Formal meetings with the Ministry with regard the current market conditions including:
    - Possible mandatory sellers inspections
    - Incorporating Radon measurement as part of the Real Estate Transaction
    - The latest EnerCan moves to tighten the closed-shop on Energy Audits

• Formal meetings with Insurance providers to investigate suspected gouging of the Inspection profession and reduction of premiums.

• Meeting of the Board and committees on strategies to combat the current inspection waiver market.

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