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OntarioACHI Education Conference & AGM March 1st and 2nd, 2017

CRESNET Certified Air Tightness Tester courses have limited space.  
  There is only 2 spaces left for March 1st and 9 left for March 2nd.  Book now or miss-out!

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The Ontario government has set into motion their Climate Change Action Plan, as part of that plan in section 6-7.1 they intend to make energy audits mandatory for all homes in Ontario for 2019.

OntarioACHI has arrange CRESNET training on both March 1st and 2nd. The cost to become a Certified Air Tightness Tester is normally $300.  You missed the early-bird discount of $150, but we held the discount to $170 for this conference.  In addition attendees of the course at the OntarioACHI conference will get a 1 year free CRESNET membership.  Saving you another $250.
So for $170, you get $380 of savings!
There is only 2 spaces left for March 1st, and only 9 spaces left for March 2nd.  Read more.

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Bob Wood of Mr.Radon - Speaking March 2nd

Bob Wood, aka Mr-Radon is one of a small group of NEHA certified Radon Gas Mitigation Specialists in Canada and is listed on the National Radon Speakers Bureau of certified speakers.  He is also past-president of CARST, The Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists, who administer the CNRPP program.

Come and hear how OntarioACHI and CARST have been working together for Real-Estate testing of Radon in Canada, and how it might help our member develop their  business to protect consumers better.

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Keynote Speech

Speaker: P. Nathan Thornberry
Topic:  The State of Home Inspection:  Ontario

Buyers are foregoing inspections all too often in populated areas of Ontario at near record numbers.  Join us at OntarioACHI to discover why it’s happening and what we can do as business owners to combat this trend…or if we should combat this trend at all.  
Nathan’s two hour presentation will include the Keynote as well as updates on trends in Home Inspection throughout Ontario and beyond, the latest in marketing strategies, and some key consumer data you should know as a home inspection business owner.

Canadian-Certified Home Inspector - CCHI

Full-Members with the required training, experience can apply for the CCHI designation.  All entrants to the program will need to sit examinations, and these vary depending upon your experience.

• New Inspectors with the required training and experience need to sit two exams, of 250 Questions.  2½ hours are allotted for each examination to be completed.

• Inspectors who have a recognised designation (e.g. CMI, NHI, RHI or CMHI) will need to sit a single exam of 200 questions with 2 hours allotted in order to comply with the education audit requirements of the CCHI program.

• Existing CCHI Inspectors are required to sit re-certification exams every 2 years  to maintain the CCHI.  The re-certification examination is 200 questions and the Inspector is allotted 2 hours to complete the examination.

The examinations are open-book, allowing Inspectors to use the same reference material that might be used in the field.  The exams still requires a strong knowledge of the fundamentals of Home Inspection and a background of performing inspections.

We are offering limited places at the conference for those who wish to sit their examinations to do so, but these places are extremely limited, and proctoring for these exams will be free to members on these days.  (Normal price is from $90 per seat)  First-come, first served.

To book your place for examination fill in the form here: Examination Registration

Remember,  you need to remain a member to be awarded, and maintain the CCHI!

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Membership just keeps saving you money

With the new announcement of 1 year CRESNET membership free with the training, which is already discounted, plus Insurance discounts from HUB, discounts on business phone services from TELUS.  Save on tools and products from Safety-Express.  OntarioACHI members get special pricing for Sample and Lab Analysis.  Clothing from WrkWear. OntarioACHI membership saves inspectors more than 4 times their annual membership fee.   As usual we continue to search for meaningful services and products at prices that make it crazy to not become a member.


Don't forget the AGM!

The Annual General meeting this year will be an informative session for all members.  We will have updates from the Regulation process.  OntarioACHI are presenting to committee on the 21st February.  We will have updates on how we are working with other organisations to combat the waiving of the Home Inspection clause, including positioning Mandatory Home Inspections, Mandatory Radon Inspections and aligning Energy Audits with the Home Inspection process.  You board has been listening to problems from consumers and inspectors around the country and we need you approval on the strategy ahead to protect consumers by providing extended professional services.

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