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10th December, 2016

This is not the regular Newsletter but a News Flash to bring you up to date with recent news in Ontario

Your chance to make a difference

Your association and the Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists are busy working behind the scenes together to attempt to bring more protection to Ontario consumers.

As more homes are built in Ontario, the population exposed to the risk of radiation from radon inhalation increases.

The Ontario Building Code has always been recognised by Professional Builders and Professional Home Inspectors as minimum code.  Most of the time the minimums can easily changed by the owner to prolong the life of the property.

Sub-slab soil gas infiltration mitigation is not one of those items.  The OBC is currently under review, and you as a Professional Home Inspector has the chance to influence the  OBC changes this time around.

We recommend you read the page below, and act on behalf of your future clients.

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Get involved -protect your clients

Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and TechnologistsOntario Association of Certified Home Inspectors  Working together to protect the public Periodically the Ontario Building Code is changed to incorporate changes that reflect current practices, new technologies and techniques and procedures that are designed to protect the public.Acceptance of proposed changes to Ontario Building Code (OBC) are governed by consensus. Some Ontario Home Builders continue to …

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