Inspectors Newsletter - Nov/Dec 2016

Best wishes to you and your family for
the Holiday Season

We would like to thank all of our members for the support of their association for the past year and wish you all a happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas, or whatever you choose to celebrate at this time of year. 

We hope and trust that 2017 will be a safe and prosperous one for you all.

Don't forget to let your clients know of any weather related restrictions to your inspections.

Appliance Safety Mark Logos

Safety tips for a safe and happy holiday season

Before you begin shoveling the snow, warm up your muscles for approximately ten minutes by doing stretches or other light exercisesWith Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza and a number of other regional festivals coming up, it's time to focus on keeping our homes and families safe, so here's a few tips from the Professional Home Inspector members of OntarioACHI.1. Check for the …

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Promoting the Profession in Ontario

Don Andrews (Marketing) and Scott May (Accreditation) from the Board of Directors and Len Inkster, (Registrar and non-executive Secretary) spent the day explaining the new proposed regulations and differences between a license and Certifications to members of the Mississauga Real-Estate Board on November 16th.

Your Certification Director (Pat Auriol) made a short presentation to the room, giving them an update on the regulation process, which was underway during the show, and some of the impacts the regulations were likely to have on the Realtor/Inspector relationship.

Issues such as the WSIB registration requirements, Working at Heights legislation and the promotion of the CCHI and CMI certifications to realtors were discussed.  Once again OntarioACHI provided representation to support all professional Inspectors , and we had a number of discussions with representatives from the Realtors regulator RECO and the Realtor Trade Associations OREA and CREA who were all in attendance.

Regulation in Ontario - Update

Home Inspector Licensing one step closer

With the passage through second reading, and referral to the Standing Committee on Social Policy, Bill 59 - Putting Consumers First Act takes another step forward to becoming law.  The Home Inspection Act is a major part of this Bill, and the passage of the Omnibus Bill will also bring into force, at some time yet to be determined, regulations …

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Are you ready for CCHI Certification?

From the Certification Nerds As most of you have been made aware the Bill dealing with licensing Home Inspectors, Bill 59:  Putting Consumers First Act, has gone through its second reading and has been referred to the Standing Committee. Although the question of Certifications and grandfathering has not yet been addressed, we still encourage you to work towards your CCHI …

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