Inspectors Newsletter - October 2016


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Regulation in Ontario - Update

On Thursday 3rd November, at 9am Minister Marie-France Lalonde MPP on behalf of the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services will be making an announcement that Ontario will be moving forward with plans to introduce proposed legislation that would, if passed, regulate the province’s home inspection industry.

As a valued stakeholder members of OntarioACHI have been requested to attend.

 It is our belief that the minister will be introducing a government bill to the assembly later on Thursday, which initiate the enacting of regulation of the home inspection profession in Ontario.

If this is passed by the assembly, and prior attempts by private members have seen all party support, this will start the process of development of the regulations.

All members should take the time to log into their accounts and ensure their profiles are fully up to date.  This includes all CEU and CPD credits as well as police background checks and annual updates as required and any insurance coverage held.

Your association will be pushing to ensure CCHI designated members are recognised for the skills and experience they have proven as part of the programs audit process.


Bill 119 Report: Is belonging to an Association worth it?

As most are aware (or should be by now!), the WSIB applied a law at the beginning of 2013. Most, if not all of us, were very much against this new “money grab” and many efforts and labour hours were spent by a group of the OntarioACHI executives to try to clarify some of the inconsistencies.Time and again, we were …

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Our membership continues to grow - October 2016

We have been busy this summer with regulations for the inspection profession and working on new initiatives to help boost inspectors business and income potential and have not produced our usual monthly update on membership, so this post is a lot longer than usual.We apologise for the delay in getting our members names and details out into the public domain.  …

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Campus Approved Training Logo

OntarioACHI Campus Approved Training

The Accreditation committee has been working with a number of training suppliers to secure Continued Educational Training for our members. In order to speed up confirmation of whether training is approved to be used as CEU credits towards the ongoing maintenance of your CCHI designation look for the following logo. Training providers who offer courses accredited by the Ontario Association …

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Are you qualified for the CCHI?

The Canadian Certified Home Inspector (CCHI) designation is a stringently audited designation. 

It is a confirmation to your clients that you take your profession and their business seriously.

You cannot buy this designation, you have to prove you have the proper skills, education and professional attributes to deserve it.

You have to show the public you continue to maintain those skills and attributes to keep it.  This is not a one-time get, keep it forever designation but an ongoing commitment to your clients that you are truly at the top of your game.

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