Inspectors Newsletter - August 2016


Newsletter renamed

We have been monitoring the statistics of various posts in the newsletter over the last two years.  It appears we have an audience with a broad scope.   There has obviously been a huge interest in the regulation of the profession in Ontario.  Specific to inspection services we have noticed great interest in Mould, Radon, Indoor Air Quality, Home Energy Auditing, Pre-Listing, PDI and Tarion inspections as well as the "standard" buyers inspections.

As you can see that is a huge spectrum across the Inspection field, so we thought - what the heck - why not call the Newsletter "In-Spectrum".

From now on all the OntarioACHI In-Spectrum Newsletters will have In-Spectrum: as the start of the subject line in your mail.  This will allow many who have complained that the mails are getting junked as spam to set-up filters to ensure you get to see the newsletter.

It will also allow us to spot who is not bothering to read the Newsletter.  We don't want to set off any Spam Cop triggers by sending emails to people who don't want to read the news.  From now on, anyone who doesn't read 4 consecutive editions of the newsletter will be removed from the subscription list. Those who are removed can always re-subscribe on the front page or read the newsletters from the newsletter archive here.


Drone regulations - Update

Following the consultation on the Notice of Proposed Amendment for small Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs), weighing 25 kg or less and operated within visual line-of-sight, Transport Canada has been finalizing the policy and regulatory framework. The Department is currently developing proposed regulations that are expected to be made public in the Canada Gazette, Part I in spring 2017.   Inspectors will …

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Hon. Marie-France Lalonde, MPP, Minister of Government and Consumer Services and Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs

Regulation of Home Inspectors in Ontario

Update Following the announcement on August 17th, by the new Minister for Government and Consumer Services the Hon Marie-France Lalonde MPP, the Premier, the Hon Kathleen Wynne, published the Mandate letter to the Minister on 23rd September. In it the Minister was tasked, in 2016, to introduce legislation on Home Inspector Qualifications to protect home-buyers from financial and safety risks. …

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Check your membership status

We have made a lot of changes over the recent months to the IT systems that provide services to our members and the public alike.   During these changes the servers have been necessarily offline for periods of time, and it may be you have not received your membership expiry notifications.

It is important that you check you membership profile regularly to ensure your details are accurate and up to date.  When licensing takes effect in Ontario the responsibility for ensuring your profiles with the regulator are accurate will be yours.   You should get used to this by ensuring your profiles here are accurate too.

Are you qualified for the CCHI?

The Canadian Certified Home Inspector (CCHI) designation is a stringently audited designation. 

It is a confirmation to your clients that you take your profession and their business seriously.

You cannot buy this designation, you have to prove you have the proper skills, education and professional attributes to deserve it.

You have to show the public you continue to maintain those skills and attributes to keep it.  This is not a one-time get, keep it forever designation but an ongoing commitment to your clients that you are truly at the top of your game.

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