Inspectors Newsletter - August 2016

We made a boo-boo!

Over the last year we have been tidying up our subscriber list to ensure only those inspectors that have valid email addresses are on the subscription list for the newsletter.   The final part of the clean-up identified in our eagerness to comply with the Canadian Anti-spam legislation, we removed the link to the subscription from new registrants.

We have subsequently re-attached this link, and added all new registered and paid-up members to the subscription list.

If you do not want to subscribe to the newsletter, clicking the unsubscribe link below will remove your contact details from the register.

If you have missed any of this years newsletters you can see them in the newsletter archive here.

smog over Toronto skyline

So 2016 is going into the record books as the second hottest Summer on record.  And that's only for the weather! As far as the housing market goes, most Realtors will tell you it's been their hottest one ever.  But the same is not true for Inspectors. Here at OntarioACHI we've heard the same story repeated time an time again.  …

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Message from the Certification Director


Dear Colleagues and Members, Another Summer has come to a close with a few activities and developments to report. Let us start with the hot-potato topic which is of course Upcoming Licensing Regulation. On August 17/2016, …

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Check your membership status

We have made a lot of changes over the recent months to the IT systems that provide services to our members and the public alike.   During these changes the servers have been necessarily offline for periods of time, and it may be you have not received your membership expiry notifications.

It is important that you check you membership profile regularly to ensure your details are accurate and up to date.  When licensing takes effect in Ontario the responsibility for ensuring your profiles with the regulator are accurate will be yours.   You should get used to this by ensuring your profiles here are accurate too.

Are you qualified for the CCHI?

The Canadian Certified Home Inspector (CCHI) designation is a stringently audited designation. 

If you have already qualified remember it is up to you to add relevant CEU/CPD units Police Background Checks and E&O Insurance Certificates into your profile to maintain your designation  Have you uploaded your.

If you haven't now might be a good time to send in your application form.  If you are already a Registered Home Inspector or National Home Inspector your path to the CCHI is a little more straightforward than if you are starting from scratch.

If you are a Certified Master Inspector, following the recent public sell-off on the InterNACHI website,  you may be required to provide more proof of past skills and operation but again your path to the CCHI is again straightforward.

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