Inspectors Newsletter - June 2016


Happy Canada Day!

Did You Know? Canada's confederation was on July 1st, 1867 and it took 22 years for it to be declared a statutory Holiday.  Strangely enough it took another 28 years, (until July 1st, 1917) 50 years AFTER confederation for it to be actively Celebrated across Canada.   Up until then most Canadians considered themselves British Subjects! The First Federal celebration was …

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Still paying too much for your E&O?

Risk meter

Professional Insurance

Mandatory Insurance The probability of Licensing of the Home Inspection Profession in Ontario has raised the issue of Professional Indemnity Insurance. Whenever licensing is introduced, one of the commitments required of the Inspector is going to be mandatory professional Indemnity Insurance.  This means Errors & Omissions and General Liability Insurance. Currently, there are few companies offering this insurance to Inspectors …

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Remotely Piloted Aerial systems

(Staying legal on roof inspections)


Roof Inspection problems for Home Inspectors A number of regulatory and advisory changes have occurred over recent months that have affected the Home Inspection Profession in Ontario.  CSA standards, which cover roof inspections in such a way as to leave a massive opening for liability demands that Inspectors pay even closer attention to this area.  The loom of rising litigation …

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Check your membership status

We have made a lot of changes over the recent months to the IT systems that provide services to our members and the public alike.   During these changes the servers have been necessarily offline for periods of time, and it may be you have not received your membership expiry notifications.

It is important that you check you membership profile regularly to ensure your details are accurate and up to date.  When licensing takes effect in Ontario the responsibility for ensuring your profiles with the regulator are accurate will be yours.   You should get used to this by ensuring your profiles here are accurate too.

Have you applied for the CCHI program yet?

If you have, have you added all the relevant CEU/CPD units into your profile?  Have you uploaded your Police Background Checks and E&O Insurance Certificates?

If you haven't now might be a good time to send in your application form.  If you are already a Registered home Inspector or National Home Inspector your path to the CCHI is a little more straightforward than if you are starting from scratch.

If you are a Certified Master Inspector you may be required to provide more proof of past skills and operation but again your path to the CCHI is again straightforward.

Don't forget, without an application form, we don't know you have applied.  Forms should be submitted to


OntarioACHI-TELUS Home Inspector Mobile phone plan


Telus Partnership

We are pleased to announce that as of April 28th the Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors has recognised TELUS as the Association's preferred communication provider. For this commitment, TELUS has developed a Home Inspectors Mobile Plan that is available only through OntarioACHI. The plan offers the following: Each calling line will be on a 2 year plan Unlimited North …

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Missing text or images?

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