Inspectors Newsletter - May 2016

OntarioACHI-TELUS Home Inspector Mobile phone plan


Telus Partnership

We are pleased to announce that as of April 28th the Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors has recognised TELUS as the Association's preferred communication provider. For this commitment, TELUS has developed a Home Inspectors Mobile Plan that is available only through OntarioACHI. The plan offers the following: Each calling line will be on a 2 year plan Unlimited North …

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Do you have an upcoming event?

Let us know about your event and we'll help you advertise it and promote your involvement.  We have a number of web services that you could take advantage of, including web-meeting facilities for up to 25 attendees as well as brochures and other marketing material that will help you.

Let us know in good time (4-5 weeks in advance if possible) and we'll set things in motion.   Send an email to with the details.

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BILL 165 - Licensed Home Inspectors Act, 2016


As predicted by the Board of OntarioACHI, the 2016 Ontario Assembly has not been prorogued by the Premier, and will instead, again as predicted, come to the Summer recess on June 9th.

This however does not mean that Bill-165 is dead.  Without prorogation, in addition to dates when the House is sitting, Committees may also meet during any Recess or Adjournment.  This means that from Jun 10th to September 9th, there is four lengthy opportunities for the Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills, under whose gaze the Bill now resides, to meet and discuss the Bill and any changes that might be recommended to it.

As before, OntarioACHI will be following the progress intently to ensure that our members and the profession in Ontario are duly represented.

New ways to contact us

As part of the partnership with TELUS, OntarioACHI has implemented a new phone service using an Interactive Voice Recognition system. The Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors is a not-for-profit association that is run purely by volunteers, who are also full-time Home Inspectors.   This means that in the past our response times have been variable, as it has been reliant …

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OntarioACHI and Tarion Review

A delegation from OntarioACHI were invited to participate in the legal review of the Ontario New Home Warranty Plan Act and Tarion Corporation.

As part of the information taken to the review, results from the Survey we published was provided.   This information proved to be excellent information and we were asked by Justice Cunningham to re-open the survey to Inspectors, Realtors and the public to ensure as much information was gained from a wide variety of stakeholders.

The survey can be access at this URL: 

We encourage all inspectors to contact their clients and any Realtors they work with to register and complete the Survey.

This will assist your Association in being able to present the most comprehensive data to the review board.

Our membership continues to grow

We would like to welcome our newest members. Information on them including access to their profiles can be found by reading more....

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