Inspectors Newsletter - April 2016

OntarioACHI-TELUS Home Inspector Mobile phone plan


Telus Partnership

We are pleased to announce that as of April 28th the Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors has recognised TELUS as the Association's preferred communication provider. For this commitment, TELUS has developed a Home Inspectors Mobile Plan that is available only through OntarioACHI. The plan offers the following: Each calling line will be on a 2 year plan Unlimited North …

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OntarioACHI at MREB

OntarioACHI presented at the Mississauga Real Estate Board AGM and Exhibitors Showcase 2016.   Information about how the Working at Heights, WSIB, CAN/CSA A770-16 and Bill-165 legislation affect the home inspection and realty professions was disseminated to Realtors at the conference.

Over 500 CMI and 300 CCHI brochures were handed out at the conference, and education on the various Certifications, and ancillary inspection principles were available for Realtors.

The response from Realtors with respect to Bill-165 and the CAN/CSA-A770-16 moves raised many eyebrows.   Feedback from the conference will be provided as input to upcoming committee meetings at Queens Park.  A delegation will be attending these committee meetings.

OntarioACHI and Tarion Review

A delegation from OntarioACHI were invited to participate in the legal review of the Ontario New Home Warranty Plan Act and Tarion Corporation.

As part of the information taken to the review, results from the Survey we published was provided.   This information proved to be excellent information and we were asked by Justice Cunningham to re-open the survey to Inspectors, Realtors and the public to ensure as much information was gained from a wide variety of stakeholders.

The survey can be access at this URL: 

We encourage all inspectors to contact their clients and any Realtors they work with to register and complete the Survey.

This will assist your Association in being able to present the most comprehensive data to the review board.

More important than ever
Ensure your CCHI profile is complete

As we told you last month, many members who obtained the CCHI are now coming up on their 2 year re-confirmation period.  

With Bill 165, Licensed Home Inspectors Act, 2016 proceeding through the Ontario Assembly, we expect to soon be asked to provide details to the regulator about the certification process, and our audit functions.  It is more important than ever for you to keep your CCHI current by completing your Continued Professional Development and Continued Professional Education logs.   This includes ensuring you have uploaded documentary evidence of this education, and notifying the certification committee if you have problems. Remember, you must also make the affirmation no changes to your Criminal Background check have been made and your current professional liability insurance certificate is uploaded and current.

You can perform all this through the members only link on the web services portal at  

Remember you have to log in to get the members only links and pages.   If you let your CCHI lapse, then we will not be able to put you forward for transitioning into any new License scheme.

First Canadian Title

Certified Resale Home Program

The First Canadian Title - Certified Resale Home Program is not going to be available to any inspectors other than Amerispec until at least the end of Summer 2016.

First Canadian Title have signed exclusive contracts with Amerispec and Re/Max Niagara Realty.

Any pre-sale inspections for clients of Re/Max Niagara Realty will now automatically be referred to Amerispec and the FCT program.   We are looking into the legality of this exclusive deal between the largest Canadian Title Insurance Company, one of the Largest Canadian Real Estate Companies and Amerispec.  In 1996, after the purchase by ServiceMaster, Amerispec became part of the largest service provider in the world, providing Home Inspections and Home repair services.  We are looking into whether this relationship is a breach of the OntarioACHI Code of Ethics conflict of interest clauses.

Welcome to our newest members

Our membership continues to grow

We would like to welcome our newest members. Information on them including access to their profiles can be found by reading more....

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