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This is not the regular Newsletter but a News Flash to bring you up to date with recent changes in Ontario

Ontario Home Inspector Regulation - Process launched

Today Mr. Han Dong, MPP for Trinity-Spadina introduced into the legislative assembly Bill 165 - An Act to regulate home inspectors.  Known by it's short title Licensed Home Inspectors Act, 2016 this Bill is designed to provide the framework for the regulation of the Home Inspection profession. The First reading of the bill was carried by unanimous decision of the …

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Keep your CCHI up to date.

Many members who obtained the CCHI are now coming up on their 2 year re-confirmation period.   In order to keep your CCHI award it is important that you complete your Continued Professional Development and Continued Professional Education logs and confirmation that no changes to your Criminal Background check have been made.

You can perform all this through the members only link on the web services portal at   Remember you have to log in to get the members only links and pages.

While we can't be 100% certain we believe that any Ontario Inspectors who have achieved the CCHI designation will have the same criteria for skills, education, insurance and police background checks that will be required for Licensing.   This may mean that during the transition period when licensing comes into effect, these inspectors in good standing may find easier passage into the licensing process.


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