Inspectors Newsletter - January 2016

Mini-Conference and AGM - 2016

The Annual General Meeting of members has been set to occur immediately after the Mini-conference, Wednesday 9th March 2016.

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This year we have a full slate of speakers and a number of vendors.   Over the last two years we have seen regulation that has affected our profession, and while last year we talked about how to comply with the regulations, this year, having realised that some regulation just doesn't work for the Home Inspection profession, we have concentrated on finding topics to help you provide professional home inspections without having to worry about these regulations. In addition there will be information and speakers on topics ranging from new inspection equipment through to novel ways to reduce your operational costs.

Attendees of the Mini-conference will be awarded 3 CPD's and 2 CEU's towards the CCHI requirements for 2016.


 The Annual General Meeting is particularly important this year.    Last year we failed to reach quorum, and this year we have some important changes, driven by the not-for-profit regulations that require your member approval.    There will be a number of board changes this year and we have a slate of nominees that require your acceptance.  This is your chance to have you vote counted.  It is important that you come out and vote.

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More important than ever
Ensure your CCHI profile is complete

As we told you last month, many members who obtained the CCHI are now coming up on their 2 year re-confirmation period.  

With Bill 165, Licensed Home Inspectors Act, 2016 proceeding through the Ontario Assembly, we expect to soon be asked to provide details to the regulator about the certification process, and our audit functions.  It is more important than ever for you to keep your CCHI current by completing your Continued Professional Development and Continued Professional Education logs.   This includes ensuring you have uploaded documentary evidence of this education, and notifying the certification committee if you have problems. Remember, you must also make the affirmation no changes to your Criminal Background check have been made and your current professional liability insurance certificate is uploaded and current.

You can perform all this through the members only link on the web services portal at  

Remember you have to log in to get the members only links and pages.   If you let your CCHI lapse, then we will not be able to put you forward for transitioning into any new License scheme.

Home Inspection Licensing - Update

As you are aware from our recent Newsflash, Bill 165, Licensed Home Inspectors Act, 2016, was proposed to the Ontario Assembly on February 22, 2016 by Mr Han Dong, MPP for Trinity-Spadina.  We initially thought this would be a Private Members Bill, but it is in fact a government Bill.  The second reading is tabled for March 3rd.   As for the first reading, we hope to have members of the Board of Directors at Queens Park for this momentous debate.

For hose of you that are interested, you should be able to see the webcast live from Queens Park here

CCHI Members only - Teaser

Your board of directors has been working hard behind the scenes to bring together a new program that will help you in marketing your services to Home Owners, Realtors, Lenders and Lawyers involved in Real-Estate transactions.

It requires a higher standard of practice and specific commitments from professional Inspectors and from the initial talks it loos as though we will only be able to offer this to CCHI holders.

We will be giving more details as the program develops but we feel this is a huge marketing opportunity for our members and we believe that it will help you more successful riding on the back of industry leading advertising of others, and in conjunction with the biggest market player in it's field here in Ontario.

We are trying to move this forward quickly and hope to have something more substantial to announce in the next newsletter.

Welcome to our newest members

Our membership continues to grow

We would like to welcome our newest members. Information on them including access to their profiles can be found by reading more....

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