Inspectors Newsletter - January 2016

Welcome to the new Year

Welcome to 2016

There are some very interesting things going on in 2016.

1. 04/04/2016 is Monday
2. 06/06/2016 is Monday
3. 08/08/2016 is Monday
4. 10/10/2016 is Monday
5. 12/12/2016 is Monday
6. The calendar of 2016 and 1994 are identical…

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Keep your CCHI up to date.

Many members who obtained the CCHI are now coming up on their 2 year re-confirmation period.   In order to keep your CCHI award it is important that you complete your Continued Professional Development and Continued Professional Education logs and confirmation that no changes to your Criminal Background check have been made.

You can perform all this through the members only link on the web services portal at   Remember you have to log in to get the members only links and pages.

Spread your knowledge

As part of our ongoing commitment to assist our members we have added another online service to our portal.   If your webpage is running on a Wordpress system, we can now link your content directly into the OntarioACHI web portal.   This service is only open to paid-up members of the Association and we ask that you restrict your information to …

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Welcome to our newest members

We would like to welcome our newest members. Iain Detchon Russel Loughrin Nimesh Shah Kevin Hamilton James Piper Mike Parisotto Want to know more about these members? click on their names to see their profiles. In addition we would like to thank the following members for their continuing support following their recent renewals. Wilbur Haas Ronald Dunbar Robert Barnes Stephan …

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Annual General Meeting - 2016

The next annual general meeting has been tentatively set for Wednesday 9th March 2016. The venue, along with the agenda for presenters and exhibitors will be announced soon.

Anyone wishing to exhibit should contact membership services as soon as possible.   Director and Committee Nominations and AGM papers will be sent to members over the next few weeks.



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