Inspectors Newsletter - December 2015

Best wishes for the Season

We would like to thank all of our members for the support of their association for the past year and wish you all a happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas, or whatever you choose to celebrate at this time of year.  We hope and trust that 2016 will be a safe and prosperous one for you all.
Don't forget to let your clients know of any weather related restrictions to your inspections.

Keeping Christmas Safe
A message from the CSA

Ensure all is merry and bright with these safety tips from CSA Group November 17, 2014 It’s time to deck the halls! Once again, across the country, people are getting into the holiday spirit by adorning their homes with festive décor, decorating the tree, putting up those animated displays and stringing indoor and outdoor lights. These colourful decorations and lighting …

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2015 Ontario Electrical Safety Code

CSA Published the 26th edition of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. The 2015 Ontario Electrical Safety Code (OESC) is the technical document that defines standards and legal requirements for electrical installations in the province of Ontario. Published by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) – Ontario's electrical safety regulator and administrative authority – the OESC is developed through consultations of expert …

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New Member Benefits

We are continually adding new member benefits.  Latest ones include discounts for embroidery and other marketing material.  Check out the complete list at OntarioACHI in the membership benefits category.

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Re-confirming Hub as the choice for E&O Insurance Brokers

Following conversations with Hub International and a lengthy meeting at Hub International (Oakville) yesterday (8th Dec 2015) The following facts were determined. The Hub HKMB (Toronto) Home Inspector program is not available in Ontario or any other province outside of Quebec for InterNACHI members or anyone else. The claims assist facility is not built-in in Quebec. It is a service …

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Regulation of the profession in Ontario

We have been in discussions with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services and everything is proceeding as planned to allow an announcement to be made in the Spring of 2016.   The Hon. David Orazietti, Minister, has stated that he is still determined to ensure the mandate put forward by the Premier Kathleen Wynn will go ahead as planned.

The CSA-A770 standard for the Home Inspection Profession has entered into the final stages of approval before full publication, and the timing is such that it will likely be published prior to any introduction of the Government Bill to regulate the Home Inspection Profession in Ontario.

Following introduction of the Bill to the house, it is expected to make a rapid pass through all three readings and receive royal assent before the house rises for the summer recess.   The task of creating the Delegated Administrative Authority, or in advising an existing one of the requirements for regulation will them commence.

The likelihood is that each of the Associations that carry responsibility for their members will need to apply to the Government to have their members approved for inclusion in the first batch of inspectors.   This means that the education and examination audit process and any other procedure used for member certification will be analysed before approval of the members for full inclusion into the regulation scheme.

It is likely that anyone who is not carried in to the licensing scheme will have to undergo at minimum an examination at at worst full education and examination.

We will be applying to have the CCHI Certification process accepted as part of this procedure, and it is imperative that members who are CCHI certified now, or wish to be prior to the announcement complete the application, peer review and examination process as required.

We are constantly looking for proctors.  Professionals who meet the criteria for examination proctors and inspector who meet the criteria for TIPR proctors should contact the certification committee to ensure you are registered with OntarioACHI.  This will ensure applicants will not have their aplications delayed.



Keep your CCHI up to date.

Many members who obtained the CCHI are now coming up on their 2 year re-confirmation period.   In order to keep your CCHI award it is important that you complete your Continued Professional Development and Continued Professional Education logs and confirmation that no changes to your Criminal Background check have been made.

You can perform all this through the members only link on the web services portal at   Remember you have to log in to get the members only links and pages.

Annual General Meeting - 2016

The next annual general meeting has been tentatively set for Wednesday 9th March 2016. The venue, along with the agenda for presenters and exhibitors will be announced soon.

Anyone wishing to exhibit should contact membership services as soon as possible.   Director and Committee Nominations and AGM papers will be sent to members over the next few weeks.



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