Inspectors Newsletter - November 2015

Are you getting your newsletters

This seems like a daft place to ask this question, because if you aren't, then you won't get to read this.   So we ask all of our members who are getting the newsletters and know of someone who is not, to please pass on this email to them, so they may identify why they might be missing out.


In line with the Canadian Anti-Spam legislation a number of changes were made to the newsletter and membership systems that require opt-in from subscribers.   Those subscribers who were already registered with us were kept on the register as allowed for in the CASL regulations.

As can be seen from the newsletter statistics nearly three quarters of the Newsletters that are being sent out are not being read.   This is usually because the mails are being diverted to a junk mail folder.   If you think you are not receiving mail from us, we request that you add the OntarioACHI domain to your safe senders list.


Over the next couple of months we will be tidying up the email list once again.  This time we will be asking everyone to re-confirm their decision to receive Newsletters from us.   It is important that you ensure you can receive emails from as we will only send two reminders out after which, and accounts not confirmed will be deleted from the list.

Do you want to spread your news?


The Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors is pleased to announce that we will be a trial period offering free use of the association's Webinar service to members from 1st January 2016.

The service will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis and will provide members with the opportunity to run their own marketing, training and outreach programs online without having to establish the upfront costs for the service.

With the GoToWebinar service you'll be able to:

Have your attendees join from anywhere, via their Mac, PC or even their mobile device. Audio is included, so attendees can call in using a toll-based number or VoIP at no cost to you.

• Run local chapter meetings

• Reach more people on more devices: Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or Android.

• Have up to 100 people on your webinar


We request that, in order to support as many requests as possible, members book slots of no more than 1 hour at a time.  Booking can be done by contacting us here

Needed:   Members to do voice overs

We have been trialing various packages of software that will allow our members to present their services online in an animated form.   We have now completed our trials and are pleased to offer services that will animated your own voice overs.

We can already produce these video using computer generated voices, but you've all seen the results on YouTube.   The software we've selected will automatically animate the characters based upon your voice overs.

Contact us for more information by sending us an email here

In return for you providing some voice overs for the Association we will produce an animation to market your services at no cost to yourself.

Putting the record straight

A certain group of individuals have continued to attack your association on other inspector association message boards suggesting that OntarioACHI has no members or is somehow fudging the figures.   It's time to put the record straight.

Your Association's By-laws allow for a number of types of membership.   These are:

• Full members

• Affiliate members

• Associate Members

• Student Members

• Registered Members

The rules for each of the memberships is clearly spelled out in the By-laws and the numbers of members are accurately logged in the databases of the membership system.  The number of Registered Members (free membership, no voting rights, few membership benefits and no access to the restricted sections and information on the site) has always been higher than the fully paid-up membership of those in good standing.  This is no different from any other Association.  This membership ebbs and flows, as new inspectors register, old  members either leave or are removed from the registry through lack of response to communication.   It peaks at around 1,100 in 2013, dipping to around 546 in 2015 and has settled at 840 as of publication of this newsletter.

Membership on the message board fluctuates wildly as this board, while being moderated for poor content and unprofessional posting, is also unregulated with respect to joining.   It is therefore subject to sploggers and spammers who try to register to send out messages that suit their own needs.    While the messages are easy to stop, the actual registration process is more difficult to tie down.  We designed it this way to make it easy for bona-fide inspectors to register and comment, but it hasn't worked.   Registrations on the Message Board have fluctuated from over 2,300 to around 850.   With the 850 being closer to the real number of real people who can be tracked back to an active email account. We are considering a major change to this service in 2016.

Regardless of the number of members, the board and committees remain committed to the membership.   Next year is going to be momentous for the Home Inspection profession in Ontario.   With little assistance, the original board of directors has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure the audit processes are in place operations and usable by the members to prove the claims we are making to the public and government alike, and ensure our members and certified members have the best chance of being accepted as professional inspectors when regulation comes into fruition in 2016.