how many home inspectors

While in 2016 the number of Inspectors amounted to around 1800, with the advent of multiple-offers, auction-style bidding wars, consumers waiving conditions and COVID-19, we estimate the number of inspectors in Ontario to be somewhere around 3-400. While it was at one time possible to trawl each of the Associations inspector search engines, because of […]

date on which 2017 law came into force

La Loi sur l’inspection résidentielle (2017) a reçu la sanction royale en mai 2017. Cependant, la Loi n’entre pas en vigueur tant qu’elle n’est pas proclamée par le lieutenant-gouverneur. Cela ne s’est pas encore produit, de sorte que les règlements n’ont pas encore force de loi.

Is anyone out there?

Yes, we are still alive and kicking, although the same can’t be said of many in the profession.  We have noticed that a large number of long-time Home Inspectors appear to have left the profession.  This appears to have been due to a combination of higher insurance rates, lower numbers of inspections caused primarily by […]

Using certification Images of ontarioachi

Only those inspectors who have achieved the standard to obtain, and retain the Certifications offered by this organisation can display the images on their websites and marketing material. Inspectors have to re-certify periodically for the right to continue using them. If you are suggesting you wish to use them on any material you are publishing, […]


The majority of our inspectors use Hub International as their broker.  Over the last few years, we have seen premiums rise and are constantly approaching other insurers to ascertain if we can get prices lower. We have not yet found any broker who can match, in an apple to apple comparison, the prices Hub offers. […]

Transferring InterNACHI Membership

Ian, We are separate organisations and membership of one is independent of the other. We recognise all training you have completed at InterNACHI. Ensure you load all of this, along with the certificates into your CEU profile. We do not have specific Septic Certifications.

Condo Inspection checklist

A Condo is inspected to the same standard as a Residential House, with the exceptions of common elements (e.g. Foyer, Elevators, Exterior Hallways, Roof etc.) Use the CAN/CSA A770-16 Home Inspection Standard. At a minimum, you should consider these areas. 1 Site 2 Structure 3 Building envelope 4 Plumbing System 5 Heating, cooling, and mechanical […]

InterNACHI vs. Carson Dunlop

We accredit training from both Organisations, amongst others.   They are equally as informative.  Certification exams will  need to be taken is the exams you take from your course provider are not proctored.

Completed my course with internachi

We accredit the InterNACHI courses, which can be used towards your Certification.   You can join as a member in training by using the membership form.    Then we will let you know of the steps towards Certification.