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As you can imagine, many inspectors are currently concerned about the Covid-19 situation and how it will affect their business and income.

While we don't want any Inspectors to go out of business, we don't want to end up with inspectors succumbing to the disease or passing it on to their clients and family members.

We will attempt to produce information in a timely manner to keep you up to date, help you stay safe, and avoid any tangles with the law.

Essential Businesses

On March 23rd, the government put out a list of Essential Businesses that would be allowed to remain open during this crisis.
We've been in touch with the government and here's what the consensus of opinion is from the various people we've spoken to.
Navigating regulations
Remember, the list is changeable.
It is constantly being vetted from day to day. At the end of the day, this risks of deciding whether to work or not fall on you.

Learn about Covid-19 and Coronaviruses

While you are not working, why not expand your knowledge? The World Health Organisation has a series of free courses on Covid-19 including how to protect yourself and how to identify it

Resources for Inspectors

Ensure if you wear a respirator it fits properly and seals against your face.
Before entering a property ensure you have all the information to protect you
One of our presenters this year was the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses. They've opened up many resources to all small businesses.

Everyone's safey begins with you.

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