November 2017

Just like a london bus!!

We apologise to those of you who got this newsletter twice (or more). We have just changed the way in which our newsletters are sent, because some people are saying they are not receiving them. Unfortunately, being the numpties we are, we configured the wrong list to the sending and only 229 people out of the 979 on the subscriber list got the emails. We won't do this again....we hope.

Recent Content

Inspection Liability:

What Home Inspectors need to know

We were recently contacted by a consumer who was trying to sell their home. They had a pre-sale inspection which pointed out a lot of defects, and also pointed out general maintenance items. The buyers decided to have their own inspection, and the buyers inspector produced a report, that was on the whole accurate, but was written in such a way the problems appeared to be …

Members only,
Permits for fuses and breakers? You've go to be kidding us!!

Ladder Safety - Again!!

We take a lighter look at a serious subject. We provide some pretty horrific examples of ladder stupidity. We all need to inspect the roof, we just need to understand what to avoid to do it safely.
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Death by fall

Electrical Work in a Home

When inspecting a residential property, we are often expected to report on items that are outside of the scope of the Standard of Practice, or that are just impossible to opine on. One of these areas is in the area of the Electrical System. While the standards of practice currently do not require an inspector to open the electrical panel, …

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A newer way to collect payments

Last year we brought members a discount on a Credit Card processing service from Moneris. This year, we are recommending members take a look at the new Square offering. We are always looking to reduce member costs, and we haven't found any supplier that can beat this deal. At C$59 as a one-off charge, with 10¢ for Interac payments …

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Association News

Membership Renewal - Alignment

In  a recent decision to reduce the resources required to manage the association membership,  your board of directors opted to align all membership to October 30th. This means that all members will have a renewal date of October 30th each year.  Obviously some members have already paid their membership into part of 2018, whereas others are in a state pending …

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News from the profession

Regulation Update

Constant contact with the government
Many inspectors have been waiting patiently for news of the Regulation process, and as yet, nothing concrete has been forthcoming from the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. Some inspectors may have read the news piece by Cam Allen at the Whig (here). In summary, Mr. Allen says in his piece "it looks like it will be …

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Spilling the beans

Spilling the beans on the Ontario Home Inspection Profession
In the October Newsletter we published an item on the perceived relationship between OAHI and CAHPI. (You can read it here) Marketing claims. As expected, we received a number of communications from members at OAHI and CAHPI stating that this was just a marketing stunt made to market OntarioACHI to inspectors and the information ...

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