June 2021
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To All Members

Changes at OntarioACHI

We are sad to see that your associations President, Bryson Bumstead, one of the original members of OntarioACHI has decided to step down. Bryson has been a stalwart of the profession but following two years of abysmal numbers of inspections has been forced to retire. We wish Bryson and his family all the best for the future.

Quick Poll - How has your business been affected?

2017 Saw the introduction of tactics to encourage multiple bid offers. This reduced the number of inspections each of us saw. So we are asking a simple question. How many inspections a month are you doing, on average, right now. Don't overinflate your numbers, it does you, nor the rest of your colleagues any good.

You can find the poll here.

We've created a petition to push regulation through!

The Realtor Regulations Code of Ethics clearly states:
  1. A registrant shall advise a client or customer to obtain services from another person if the registrant is not able to provide the services with reasonable knowledge, skill, judgment and competence or is not authorized by law to provide the services. O. Reg. 580/05, s. 8(1)
  2. A registrant shall not discourage a client or customer from seeking a particular kind of service if the registrant is not able to provide the service with reasonable knowledge, skill, judgment and competence or is not authorized by law to provide the service. O. Reg. 580/05, s. 8 (2)
The problem remains that without regulation of the Home Inspection Profession, Realtors are not prevented by law from providing the information, a Professionally Licensed home Inspector would. RECO cannot regulate the Realtors from doing this until we are.

In addition, and we've had this in writing from RECO, they can't even force Realtors to use Inspectors who perform inspections to a decent standard, such as the CSA A770-16 Home Inspection Standard.

This means that Realtors can solicit Inspectors to do limited scope inspections, advertise the homes as "pre-inspected", advise their selling clients to not allow anyone more than 30 minutes viewing, and still be covered by their own Code of Ethics.

Consumers can't protect themselves!

Leading up to 2013 and through 2017, the media hounded the Home Inspection Profession, suggesting we should be regulated. We agreed, the Home Inspection Act, 2017 received royal assent and has sat dormant ever since.

If you want to protect your clients, and consumer really wants protection in home buying, then this Act needs to have regulations completed and proclaimed.

If you haven't done so already, sign the petition and send it to as many people you know to do the same.
An image of a petition being signed

Business Planning

Proper business planning is essential to maintain an ongoing income. But how do you do it accurately?

You start by identifying your costs and calculate your revenue to see what your outlook is.

We've done some of the heavy lifting for you.

Just fill in the details the calculator asks for, and we will email you the illustration from it. Go back and do it as many times as you like. It's there to help you.

Ensure you are keeping up to date with your continued professional development!

The Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo, based on community-based flood protection research, has developed a free, 1.5 hour, self-directed, online training course. The course has been accredited for 1.5 CEU's towards the Canadian-Certified Home Inspector (CCHI) designation, whether it be for acquisition or re-certification.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive a certificate of completion that you can upload to your CEU record.

This course allows you to bring value to your clients by providing you with the knowledge to explain what the major flood risks, in a home, are and how your clients can protect their home from flooding.
You can sign-up at the registration page here:

Annual General Meeting

With the COVID-19 Pandemic and all the changes, we have decided this year that our AGM will be via an online resolution.

This reduces the amount of time wasted by our members trying to get back to work and ensure the greatest input from our members.

Look for the notices coming in your email inbox soon.

Make sure we have up to date contact information for you. You don't want to miss out.

Got some tips for fellow members?

Got some tips to make the life of your fellow inspectors easier, or help them build their business? Send them here:

COVID-19 Update.

We are continuing to update our guidance to inspectors during the pandemic. Just check our search function for COVID-19 for all the advisories.

Education Conference

We've all been devastated business-wise over the past 18 months.

Your board of Directors has decided that we will be offering the Educational Conference Topics over the Internet, and splitting it up into small, bite-size chunks, to all you to take advantage of the education, without eating into your earning potential.

We will be issuing a complete list of topics in the coming weeks, but if you would like to see anything specific....

Epic Fails

Nearly made it
Nearly made it, if only I had a sharkbite!
Who said 4 into 2 won't go?
Stop Moisture venting to attic
How to stop moisture from the bathroom venting into the attic
Sump pump at angle
Of course it works at an angle!
So youwantto shut your water off in an emergency
So you want to shut your water off in an emergency eh!??!
Check-in on the photo collection we are building or some epic fails we have got from members.

They are published here for Consumers to see what we are faced with and why a Home Inspection is so important.

Got some of your own? Send them in.
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