August 2019
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Your board has been super busy behind the scenes so we are a little (lot) late on the newsletter, so this one's a bumper edition. There's lot's in it so make sure you read through it all.

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TARION serving the public interest
TARION are a Gold Sponsor of the OntarioACHI education program for 2019

Ongoing meetings with TARION

Your board of directors met with TARION in July to move forward a new training program for Home Inspectors.

It will be for Inspectors who wish to show they are qualified to perform Construction phase, Pre-Delivery Inspections and Inspections for consumers covered by the Ontario New Home Warranty Program.

The ONHWP Inspections will include the 30-day, 1-Year, 2-Year and 7-Year warranty periods.

Courses will be jointly presented by OntarioACHI and TARION and will be a minimal cost to our members, with a learning assessment examination and certification for successful candidates. These courses will be worth 1 CEU per hour towards your CCHI requirements.
Tarion Meeting 2019-07
We are hoping to announce Inspector familiarisation presentations, that will discuss the new Construction Performance Guidelines, initially in Barrie and Hamilton, to start the process off.

Any Inspector interested in attending one of these meetings should contact us by email to Spaces are limited and the places will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis.

2020 Annual Conference and Exhibitor Showcase

We are already heavily into the planning stages for next years Annual Conference.

We will be holding it on the east of Toronto this year at the Admiral Inn in Lindsay.

The conference will again be over three days, Tuesday to Thursday, February 25th-27th.

Because of the success of last years conference, we will be keeping the same format for Inspectors, with day 1 being dedicated to training.

As before, we will be stepping it up a bit further this year and offering on-site, commercial inspection training.
There is going to be a full program of training that will help inspectors bolster their businesses as well as their skills to expand their portfolios.

We are also expecting more than a few surprises at this conference as well as the usual plethora of prizes for attendees during the conference.

Lucky number 7

The Hon. Lisa Thompson, MPP is the Minister for Government and Consumer Services. You can contact her at She is the seventh minister to hold the position since 2012 when, at the Enoch Turner Schoolhouse plans were first discussed by the then minister Tracy McCharles to regulate the home Inspection Profession.

Since then we've had many hours of consultation with the various governments and their ministers, the staff at the MGCS, a massive amount of help from a few MPP's a private member's bill and a Government Bill that has become an act in waiting.
For those that are still following the saga of Home Inspection Regulations in Ontario, you might be thinking that the process has died.

We believe that is far from the truth.

There has been a recent uptick in realtors offering limited scope inspections as a marketing ploy for the seller.

The Realtor's regulator RECO seems powerless to do anything about it. The press doesn't want to invest any media coverage to it.

Some Inspectors seem to be hell-bent on putting their own profit above the needs of the consumer.

They are supplying inspections that do not meet the standard expected and claim this is to comply with the wishes of the Realtors.

Poor reporting, failure to provide contractual support and the lack of professional indemnity insurance is putting the consumer at risk.
The Home Inspection Profession in Ontario is, we believe approaching a level that is worse that was in operation than when the process for regulation was first initiated back in 2012.

The Home Inspection Act, 2017 has achieved royal assent, everything is in place to finish developing the regulations that will hold Inspectors to a higher standard.

We are just waiting on the PC Government, who were, along with the NDP, fully supportive of the regulatory process under the Liberal government, to finally pull the trigger.

The Act, regulations, and management of them were designed, and had all-party support, to be a net-zero cost to the province after the initial set-up.

OntarioACHI continually lobbies the ministers and government staff to move the process forward.

Until then, the consumers of Ontario are at the mercy of a few unscrupulous Realtors and Inspectors across the province and their unprofessional behavior.
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Chapter and Network Meetings

We keep getting asked where and when we can do Chapter or Networking meetings.
Yet when we ask what would you like as a subject, we get silence.
Want to meet to talk about something? Want to meet online or in person? Where would you like to meet and when? Tell us. We'll set it up.

Member Posts

We asked, and you responded! Thanks. We hope this will be a regular section on tips from the field.
This one is from Pat Auriol. It discusses one of our favorite subjects, Aluminum Wiring.

Is Aluminum Wiring a Major Concern?

Over 7,000 homes in Mississauga contain aluminum wiring. Extended this across the provinces and we are looking at tens of thousands of homes. If the subject dwelling was built between the mid-1960s and late 1970s, there is a strong possibility that aluminum wiring may be present. Is this a cause for worry? The short answers are …
Read more
Decora ALuminmu connection

Ensure you are keeping up to date with your continued professional development!

Ensure you attend The Buildings Show 2019.

This show offers 5 CPD credits for attendance to the expo and 1 CEU credit for each seminar you attend while there (proof of attendance required).

As usual, it's on at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and this year it runs between Wed. Dec 4, 2019, to Fri. Dec 6, 2019.

There's an early bird deadline for discounts for the paid seminars of Fri. Nov 8, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST.

What's on?
South Building:
Find out more and register at the website:
  • Construct Canada
  • PM Expo
North Building
  • HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo
  • Buildings Connect
  • World of Concrete
building show
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