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Work Safe, Save Money - Build your own Camera Pole

Don't be stupid - working at heights
Inspecting the Roof Safely Recent regulations regarding the working at heights requirements prompted a couple of members of your board to attend the WAH training sessions to see what is required for Home Inspectors who wish to traverse the roof to inspect them.   We came to the conclusion, with the trainers, that as a single person operation, and using techniques …

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What to do in a confined space - Inspector Safety

Home Inspector Safety - Deciding what is a confined space, and whether to enter it or not
What is a confined space? Many workplaces contain areas that are considered "confined spaces" because while they are not necessarily designed for people, they are large enough for workers to enter and perform certain jobs. A confined space also has limited or restricted means for entry or exit and is not designed for continuous occupancy.  What are examples of confined …

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Association News

New format for your Newsletter

We have updated the software used for your Newsletter. This change will allow us to provide better quality content, media and other items to keep you informed of the things that may affect you and your business.

The new newsletter will incorporate tips and tricks from other members, commentary about the profession from the public and general advice and information about how to keep your business safe and profitable.

We hope you like the changes.

News from the profession

CAHPI vs. OAHI? Inspectors Concerns

We have had a few inquires recently about what's likely to happen when regulation is enforced in Ontario. Most of these inquiries have come from Inspectors who hold the RHI (Registered Home Inspection) certification. The major concern has been around...

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Changes to your membership dues

You may not be aware but operating the membership management system requires the maintenance of around 143 programs and over 500,000 lines of coding. It also involves a large amount of manpower to ensure each of our members are supported in their needs. Recent changes to the base code in WordPress (our chosen Content Management System) and the membership management …

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Coming soon...

We will be running a webinar series starting at the end of October that will provide both an information platform and a sounding block to help Inspectors navigate the increasingly difficult business. The series will include how to expand your services to improve your cost/profit ratio, how to best market your business in a tight market and how to avoid the rabbit hole of cut prices. Members can attend free and a small charge will be made for non-members. More info soon.