March 2018

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2018 - Another year, more challenges
Following on from the previous year, 2017 saw a number of challenges in the Home Inspection Profession. We have seen the Profession decimated by a large number of Inspectors who were either forced out or chose to leave the profession because it was not providing a level of income to support them. While this gave respite to those that had …

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Member Benefits

Here at OntarioACHI one of our prime missions is to ensure our members reap the benefits of agreements we can arrange with suppliers. Now is a good time to check out the benefits on offer as these been added to since the conference …

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Popcorn anyone?

So the Ontario House Builders Association and the Ontario Real-Estate Association seem to be going head-to-head in a battle over mandatory Energy Audits. While OREA is publishing that the Province has put the brakes on the plan (here) the Ontario House Builders Association is all for them. (here) The press doesn't seem to know one way or the other (here) …

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Support Dave Comrie

At this year's Conference, we heard from Andy Kovacs of Sun Life on ways to protect ourselves from injury or illnesses. We heard that relying on your spouses insurance plans might not always work out.
Well for one of your colleagues this truth came home far too quickly.
David Comrie, one of your fellow members from Burlington had a heart attack Saturday, March 3. Luckily Dave survived but without adequate disability insurance, Dave is having to ignore Doctor's orders and return to work far too early.
We care about our members in the same way they care about each other, and we launched a GoFundMe account to help Dave and his family through the initial recovery period. Even a small donation from each member will assist Dave, and reduce the stress he is under. Here's to you Dave, hoping you make a full recovery and have a long and prosperous career ahead of you.
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We would do the same for you.

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