July 2019
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Above and beyond the standard inspection

The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors has always strived to ensure its members are at the top of their game. Holding each member to high standards of both professional and ethical conduct we introduced the Canadian-Certified Home Inspector program back in 2013, over 6 years ago. We were told that it was too hard, too complex and required too much of inspectors. Since then we've had 57 Inspectors apply with 24 obtaining and maintaining their CCHI status. Those 24 Inspectors typically the most successful inspectors in terms of customer support, business profitability and career progression.

Limited Scope Inspections

In 2013 we also launched a means for inspectors to approach Insurance and Finance providers with a limited scope inspection, designed specifically to assist those professions in ascertaining the risks of insuring or lending against those properties.

This year we were made aware of some inspectors using our limited scope standard as a replacement for a regular home inspection and we are taking steps to stop this poor practice.

We will, on the flip side, be marketing the service more heavily to the finance sector and will be providing training courses to the inspector on when, and when not, to provide these types of inspections and how to deal with Realtors who demand them as a way for shortcutting the Home Inspection service.

Radon measurement

In 2017 we launched our radon awareness program. This program asked members to extend their services to consumers by providing radon measurement of home to identify defects that allow radon entry and buildup. In 2018 we provided our first full courses on this subject matter and launched the OntarioACHI Certified Radon Measurement Inspector (OCRMI) designation. To date, we've had 3 courses and have had 19 successfully applicants for this program. Between them, they've managed to measure radon in over 100 homes in Ontario since June 2018.

In addition, the OCRMI inspectors have saved thousands in discounts we have arranged for the purchase of Constant Radon Monitors from Corentium. Some Inspectors now have over 5 devices indicating how extensive the requirement for radon measurement is becoming.

While this program has been very successful for the Inspectors, the cost for the trainers is high, and without continued support for the courses, each of which requires at least 10 attendees to just break even, we may need to think about how these continue.

The next course is on 24th April in Brockville. Even though we had over 12 Inspectors ask us for courses on the east side of Toronto, towards Ottowa, we've so far only had 3 takers. The course will proceed nevertheless. Any last minute takers can still sign up for the course at

Any inspector who turns up on the day without pre-booking will not be able to take advantage of the discounts offered. The discount code to apply to online booking is members150.

Indoor Air Quality

Again in 2018, we launched the OntarioACHI Certified Indoor Air Quality Assessor (OCIAQA) designation and program. This provides Inspectors with the knowledge and skills to provide, to a recognised standard and within the Ontario Health & Safety regulations, services to consumers concerning mould, asbestos, TVOC, aldehydes and other noxious materials in the home and workplace.

We have only been able to run one course on this subject matter and following comments from the attendees that there was too much to learn in a short period of time, we are re-working the course to allow more time to cover these subjects.

While we've had 12 applicants for this course, only 3 inspectors passed and achieved their OCIAQA designation. Those three inspectors have reported back and let us know that the IAQ parts of their work had actually helped them supplement their income when the Inspection market died last year.

We are heartened to hear this and will be working to ensure we can launch a couple more of these courses for members before the end of this year.

Ontario New Home Warranty Inspections

Attendees to the 2019 Annual Conference will have heard from the managing team at OntarioACHI and the presenters from TARION that we are almost ready to launch the Ontario New Home Warranty Inspection program. This is a two-part program that covers the non-standard services required to assist home buyers through the Pre-Delivery Inspection process and then the extra requirements over those required by the CAN/CSA A770-16 home Inspection standard to perform 30-day, 1-year, 2-year and 7-year warranties.
While the course has not yet been published trials have been run and the feedback from consumers and inspectors alike are that these inspections provide an excellent service and allow inspectors to help consumers with a warranty that has cost the homeowner a large sum but is rarely utilised to its full extent.

Your participation is Key!

Each of these courses takes around 3-4 months to develop. To run the courses the trainers need to secure the premises, provide the training material and their time and resources to run the course, Proctor and mark examinations and provide feedback to attendees.
In addition, the services need to be marketed and material and where needed software services provided to assist Inspectors who choose to diversify their businesses this way.
We cannot do this as a charitable service so attendance must support the course.
While we want to provide was in which Inspectors can supplement their income by providing extra services, to a published standard and be supported by their association we will be forced to cut programs that are not supported by members in return.
Your participation is key.
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