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Your recent article ‘Inspection Assn’s Simply Don’t Get it’ published in the Homes-Extra supplement of the Kingston-Whig on Thursday, June 14, 2018, contains significant factual errors.  

The Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors (OntarioACHI) is NOT a branch of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors but is, in fact, a wholly independent, not-for-profit association incorporated in Ontario.
The OntarioACHI CCHI certification process is not the same as the InterNACHI CPI process and therefore any inference that the two organisations are intrinsically connected or operate in the same manner to award certifications is completely false.
The article’s inference that OntarioACHI certification process is the same as InterNACHI is defamatory and damaging to OntarioACHI cast aspersion, by inference on our Certification Audit process which is stringent and meets 100% the requirements laid down in the “Home Inspection: A Closer Look” MGCS recommendations document Mr Allen continually refers to in his previous articles.
Unlike Mr Allen who spent one day at the MGCS in the meetings he talked about, OntarioACHI had two executives for two days at the preceding meetings. We have also met directly with Mr Ali Arlani, CEO of the CMRAO to discuss the future. No decision has been made, either by the MGCS or the CMRAO as to whether an exam will have to be written for every single home inspector or if certain designations will be transferred in.
Work has been continued by the CMRAO on this file and has been continuous throughout the election campaign. Mr Allen got a standard “No comment” reply from the MGCS and chose to mould that into an assumption of denial of the article written by OntarioACHI.

This article, by Cam Allen, published by Postmedia amounts to no more than a poorly sourced, shoddy journalistic, gossip piece that does not contain all of the information available and has the net effect of making OntarioACHI here in Canada and InterNACHI in the U.S. look bad.

Mr Allen knows who we are. He is fully aware that we are an independent association. Mr Allen knows how to get hold of us. Furthermore, nobody from Postmedia, including the author of the article, has reached out to either OntarioACHI as an association, or to any of the executives and volunteers as individuals to actually get the facts straight.

He chose to publish a piece based on biased cherry-picking and anonymous hearsay from disassociated parties for his fact-checking to provide his article.

We also find it amusing that Mr Allens derides a four day, on-site inspection course allegedly offered by InterNACHI in the U.S. , when he originally produced a two-day seminar on “Inspecting and Identifying Heritage Homes” for the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI), who allegedly considered it “too technical for most home inspectors” yet was subsequently adopted as training by the very same U.S. association Mr Allen was a member of and now accuses of lax standards.

This article is so fundamentally flawed that I wonder if this is the result of incompetence and neglect, or the omissions and manipulation were deliberate. This is not the first article on this subject that Mr Allen has written, using his personal views in the media to attempt to solicit a change that fits his particular vision. Libelling, through inference us as an Association or one of our executives is a new departure.

The Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors (OntarioACHI) insists that you take immediate steps to withdraw this article from all places where it has been published and to issue a public retraction of the article in all places where the original article was either published to, or linked to, by Postmedia network, its employees, or agents.

With respect to the withdrawal of the article and the public retraction, the immediacy of this cannot be underestimated. This type of article tends to get read the most in the hours following its release. The more people that act upon the misinformation, the more significant the loss is to OntarioACHI with respect to its ability to protect its intellectual property rights and membership.

I ask for your immediate confirmation that this is to take place.


Leonard Inkster, CCHI, CMI, CITP,
Secretary & Registrar,
Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors
Tel: (289) 214-7531