Limited Scope Inspection of Residential Properties

OntarioACHI has provided for its members a Standard of Practice for a limited scope 5-point inspection.

This Standard is NOT a replacement for a Residential Home Inspection but is designed to be used as a service to Insurance and Finance Companies wanting to identify the condition of the major components of the home.

Consumers wishing to purchase or sell a home should NOT request an inspection of this nature as it DOES NOT provide you with the in-depth detail needed to make an informed decision about the home with respect to the sale/purchase transaction.

Insurers and finance providers use these types of reports along with other information to make an informed opinion on whether to cover homes for insurance or offer finance for the home.

Consumers and Realtors are not generally privy to that additional information.

For access to the 5-point inspection standard, you can find the original document in the archives here

Cautionary information about using this standard can be located here and here