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Cheryl Evans, Director, Home Flood Protection Program, Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation, University of Waterloo Presenter Name: Cheryl Evans
Title: Director, Home Flood Protection Program
Organization: Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation, University of Waterloo
Cheryl has over 17 years of experience leading behaviour change-focused public education projects with a focus on residential and non-residential stormwater management and residential flood risk mitigation. She has served as a technical committee member on CSA’s Basement Flood Protection Guideline and was a lead curriculum developer for the Ontario College’s Basement Flood Protection Assessment Training Program.
Her team is now collaborating with the Canadian Association of Home Inspectors (CAHPI) to launch a free, 1.5-hour online training for home inspectors across Canada in the spring of 2020.
Cheryl holds a B.E.S in Environment & Resource Studies from the University of Waterloo.
She is responsible for the development, oversight and continuous improvement of the Home Flood Protection Program
Presentation Title: Helping Your Clients to Protect their Homes from Flooding

Cheryl Evans, Director of the Home Flood Protection Program at the Intact Centre at the University of Waterloo will provide a concise summary of the top flood risks identified at over 500 homes in southern Ontario and in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan from 2016-2018. She will outline a variety of training tools and free resources available to home inspectors to help identify key flood risks at detached, semi-detached and townhomes.
Links to free assessment tools, customizable educational materials and how-to resources for clients will be provided to all attendees.

Jason Coss,National Account Executive, Business Development, Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) Presenter Name: Jason Coss
Title: National Account Executive, Business Development
Organization: Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB)
Jason has an extensive background in international sales, marketing and entrepreneurship. He started his career at the Canadian Pulp & Paper Association as a market analyst.
This lead to progressively higher-level sales roles in the forest products industry, culminating at Tembec Inc., where he was Senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing of their global wood pulp division.

Before joining CFIB, Jason was a partner in a boutique private equity firm, specializing in the acquisition of small and midsize businesses.

Presentation Title: Helping you and your business thrive

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is the country’s champion of small business. Jason will explain how, with over 110,000 members, the CFIB, Canada’s largest non-profit organization are working to create and supporting an environment where small businesses can succeed.

He will explain how the CFIB can advocate for small business with politicians and decision-makers and how they can influence public policy based on members’ views.

He will explain how this can ensure that you have a chance to affect the laws and policies that affect your business.

Ryan Schell, Chief Fire Prevention Officer, Central York Fire Services Presenter Name: Ryan Schell
Title: Chief Fire Prevention Officer
Organization: Central York Fire Services
Ryan Schell has worked in the fire service for over 19 years.  Reporting to the Fire Prevention Officer, Ryan’s responsibilities as Chief Fire Prevention Officer includes enforcing fire safety legislation by conducting inspections and fire safety plan reviews for buildings and occupancies within the communities of Newmarket and Aurora. Along with being tasked for inspecting fire protection equipment and systems, preparing reports, issuing orders, testifying and giving evidence in court he is also responsible for public education.
This includes conducting Public Fire & Life Safety Education Programs throughout the communities of Newmarket and Aurora for all age groups.  Ryan is also responsible for conducting comprehensive plans reviews for Ontario Building Code permit applications, draft plans of subdivisions and site plans as they relate to fire safety.
Presentation Title: The History of Smoke Alarms in Ontario

As part of his presentation, Ryan will be explaining the differences between Ionization & Photoelectric technology as well as the differences between a “Smoke Alarm” and a “Smoke Detector”.    He will be showing us how to understand Installation requirements and maintenance for Smoke Alarms.

Ryan will be covering the different manufacturers and where to get the various devices, and will be providing an awareness of Ontario Building Code requirements based on year of construction of the properties, with respect to fire safety

Presenter Name:  Stephen Lucas
Title:  Technical Representative, Ontario
Organization: Ventilation Maximum Ltee

As the Technical Representative of Ventilation Maximum, Stephen is a great source of solutions to ventilation problems. He provides continued education to consumers, contractors, architects and engineers on the Ventilation Maximum Superior Premium Brand of ventilation products and promote the 100% Canadian product line, and their benefits, to all interested parties.

Presentation Title:  Installation problems, how to spot them and what to suggest.

Poor and improperly installed ventilation can be a serious concern.  From condensation build-up and mould to back-drafting of combustion appliances, incorrect ventilation can cause problems ranging from property damage and health concerns to death.

Stephen will be explaining how ventilation can make or break a home.

Presenter Name: Troy Mason & Kevin Downing
Title:  Company President & VP of Operations
Organization: Canadian Flat Roof Systems

Located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, Canadian Flat Roof Systems have installed roofing systems across Ontario.  Specializing in seamless, lightweight polyurea coated, a roofing system that is designed to protect properties for years, many times without having to tear off the existing roof.

Presentation Title:  Inspecting Flat Roof Systems

Troy will be discussing the different types of flat roofing and issues that can exist with typical installations.  He will identify how modern roofing systems go far beyond the capability of some of the more typical flat roofing solutions and also discuss the maintenance requirements for flat roof systems.

Presenter Name:  Kyle Gray
Title:  Business Development Manager
Organization: Onyx-Fire Protection Services

With a background in Fire Protection, Sales & Construction Kyle is responsible for building relationships and bringing new clientele to the Onyx-Fire Protection Services.

Presentation Title:  Inspecting Fire Protection Systems in a commercial building

Commercial building fire protection and fire spread prevention systems can be complex.  Kyle will explain the different types of systems, where they are used and how they work, and what commercial inspectors can look for to identify concerns or neglect require further more invasive inspections.

Presenter Name:  Trevor Johnston
Title:  Sales Representative & Team Leader
Organization(s): Durham Region Association of Realtors, Right At Home Realty Inc., Brokerage –  Port Perry Office

Trevor Johnston is a licenced full-time Realtor in his fifteenth year and has been a member of both the Toronto Real Estate Board and Durham Region Association of Realtors and is currently with Right At Home Realty Inc., as the Team Leader for TEAM JOHNSTON Real Estate Team.

The Brokerage is located at 237 Queen Street in beautiful Downtown Port Perry.

He brings valuable insight to the industry, having navigated many difficult transactions with hundreds of Buyers and Sellers throughout his career.

Trevor has been actively involved as a Volunteer Member of the Toronto Real Estate Board’s Government Relations Committee for the past five years, is a registered Provincial and Federal lobbyist and has participated in bi-annual meetings with MPP’s, MP’s and Municipal Councilors during this time in conjunction with TREB, the Canadian Real Estate Association and the Ontario Real Estate Association.

He has also served on the Member Services Committee at TREB and has been the Chair of the Government Relations East Sub-Committee representing Durham Region and is also actively involved with Affordable Housing in Durham Region as a Director with the Scugog Affordable Seniors Housing Committee.
Currently, he is a member of the Durham Region Association of Realtors Government Relations Committee.

Over the years, he has also been active in Federal politics in all aspects from campaigning, backroom support, Election readiness, Election Day duties, and is also the Past President of a Federal Riding Association.

Presentation Title:  Are you qualified?…A REALTOR’s perspective.

With upcoming changes to the Real Estate Business and Brokers Act (REBBA) and the advent of multiple-offers and limited scope inspections being performed by some Inspectors across the province, Trevor will be discussing the problems Realtors have in identifying a qualified Inspector in lieu of regulation and what standards they should be looking for the Inspector to use.
Presenter Name(s):  Sharon Henderson,  Bryan Stott, and Bob Thoburn
Title:  Stakeholder Relations
Organization: Tarion Warranty Corporation

The Tarion Warranty Corporation, asked with administering the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act (ONHWP Act), Tarion has a mandate to:

  • First and foremost, protect consumers when builders fail to fulfill their warranty obligations;
  • Educate new home buyers and new homeowners about their warranty rights and responsibilities;
  • Facilitate disputes between homeowners and builders over warranty coverage;
  • Fairly and impartially make warranty decisions;
  • Ensure new home builders and vendors abide by the ONHWP Act;
  • License new home builders and vendors;
  • Investigate and prosecute illegal building practices; and
  • Set standards and raise accountability in education, construction performance and customer service.
Presentation Title:  New Home Purchases – Providing support for consumers at a critical time

The team from Tarion will once again be supporting our members with an educational presentation on the Ontario New Home Warranty Program, how it affects consumers and how Inspectors can help consumers during the process of buying a new home.

We have also asked the TARION team to talk about some of the changes that are going on within TARION  and the regulations and how it may affect Home Owners and Builders and where Inspectors may be able to help.

We are hoping the session will also contain the ever-popular “warranted or not ” session.

Presenter Name(s):  Devin Durish
Title:  Senior Plans Examiner and Large & Complex Building Inspector
Organization: City of Peterborough, Chair of the OBOA

Presentation Title:  Inspecting Structure of the modern building

The presentation that we are going to hear today is going to look at the high-level fundamentals of building inspections as it relates to industrial commercial and institutional buildings with the primary focus being on critical life safety systems including early warning detection.

Presenter Name(s):  Philip Rumble
Title:  CEO, Master Electrician
Organization: Rumble Electric

Philip established Rumble Electric Company Limited in 2005 starting with 2 employees and building the company up to the present 35 electricians and apprentices, 4 full-time office staff with 2 estimators.

Rumble Electric Company Limited specializes in high-rise residential, commercial, and industrial electrical service and covers all sectors of electrical installations including custom homes, small renovations, large retrofits and commercial construction projects, service and maintenance for high rise buildings.

Rumble also provides electrical systems for fire alarm work and mechanical systems as well as glycol heating with garage restoration, ramp heating installation and thermographic inspections making up some of the newer work.

Presentation Title:  Commercial Electrical Systems for Inspectors

Philip will explain some of the systems that may be found in commercial property inspection, which may not be typically found in residential properties.

Among other things, Philip will cover the higher voltage and 3-phase systems, as well as 110-220 volt services he will explain how to recognize the components as well as some of the dangers that exist in Commercial systems that are not seen in residential services.

Len Inkster

Presenter Name:  Kim Smith
Title:  Senior Account Executive, Commercial Insurance Broker
Organization: Hub International

As the Senior Account Executive at Hub International, Kim specializes in E&O, CGL designed specifically for the Home Inspection industry. While her primary focus, is managing the Home Inspect Plus Program at Hub she has to regularly travel across Canada to educate students on insurance coverage and risk management solutions for Home Inspectors.

Presentation Title:  Avoiding that lawsuit and dealing with it professionally if it happens

Kim, along with help from Len Inkster of OntarioACHI, will discuss some real-life court cases in the public domain and explain what went wrong, and how the Inspector fared under the judicial system.

Explanations as to what Inspectors can do to prevent litigation in the first place and how to conduct themselves if they are sued.

OntarioACHI will also be providing some standard clauses for both contracts and reports, to ensure Inspectors protect themselves from litigation, while still providing the information the client needs to move forward.

Presenter Name:  Trish Peden
Title:  National Thermal Imaging Specialist and Trainer
Safety Express Ltd.

As a Certified Level III Thermographer and Certified Ground Pilot Trish is responsible for the Sales of Flir Thermal Imaging cameras and Extech instruments for Safety Express Ltd.

She also look after UAV Solutions Nationally.

Trish teaches classes across the country in Thermal Imaging and provides customized training seminars for companies and associations upon request.

She can also tell you when a horse is a hot tip – She is trained in Equine Thermography  :)

Presentation Title:  Tools that make to go oooh!

We’ve all heard Trish talk about FLIR Thermal cameras, but this year we’ve asked her to step it up a notch and discuss the other offerings from Safety Express that Professional Home Inspectors should be considering to improve their services to consumers and increase their earning potential.

One look at the Flir and Extech catalogues will tell you that there is a multitude of tools outs there, Trish will talk about what ones may work for you, and how they can assist your inspection process.

Presenter Name:  Mark Ellison
Professional Home Inspector
The Home Coach


Presentation Title: Keeping fit for profit

How to maintain the energy and fitness levels to provide better customer service.

Presenter Name:  Bradley Cooke
Servpro Milton



Presentation Title: IICRC S520 Standards – how they help inspectors

Keeping a few degrees of separation between Testing and Abatement protects consumers and contractors.   Understanding how the standards apply to this helps Inspectors avoid conflict of interest.


Presenter Name:  Olivier St-Onge
President & CEO



Presentation Title:  A new way of recording your inspections.
A brand new software system to help Home Inspectors build professional reports.  Made in Canada.