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2018 – Another year, more challenges

Following on from the previous year, 2017 saw a number of challenges in the Home Inspection Profession.  We have seen the Profession decimated by a large number of Inspectors who were either forced out or chose to leave the profession because it was not providing a level of income to support them.

While this gave respite to those that had their incomes cut by the brutal selling frenzy of 2016, 2017 proved to be equally as challenging.   Significant changes in the selling practices for homes meant that the auction mentality still existed, and many buyers, given the false information that having a home inspection would lose the home, chose to take the risk and purchase their homes without one.

As we are led to believe from the Insurance Companies we talk to, this has led to a massive uptick in litigation against the Real-Estate profession.  We predicted this would be the case and has been one of our main items of suggestion in talking to the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.

While other Associations in Ontario have chosen to side with the Real-Estate profession, the Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors see the two professions as offering completely different advice to consumers, with the advice given by Inspectors not necessarily in-line with the needs of Realtors.  We see any tight collaboration between the two professions as creating a perceived conflict of interest.  While Realtors are there to offer advice on the aesthetic suitability and sometimes the affordability of a home to the Consumer, Home Inspectors 

We have once again finished another quarterly cleanup of subscribers who never open or click on the newsletters, we are pleased to say that the readership has not declined below the 803 we had last year.   We again pruned the registrant list down using similar criteria leaving 1,010 members of all categories in OntarioACHI.   We have shown a decline in inspectors of around 50% since the beginning of 2016.

Last year your board chose to align all memberships to October 30th, and we are very pleased to see the number of fully paid members who are now seeking to advance their careers and apply for the Candian-Certified Home Inspector designation has actually increased.  This proved to be a double-edged sword as we needed a larger number of inspectors to make quorum at the recent AGFM, which we failed to do.

 We are continuing to work on new initiatives to help boost inspectors business and income potential, as we witnessed from the initiatives announced at the Annual Conference.  We are also working to ensure Inspectors do not choose to go off on a tangent from the established standards and turn to quick fixes to supplement their income and bring the profession into disrepute.

We are proud of our members and trust that by publishing their ongoing commitment to the Home Inspection Profession here they will be seen as well respected professionals who can be trusted to perform to their utmost to assist their clients.

First, we would like our members to welcome all the new members of the Association.

Clicking on their name will link to their online profile.   It is a good reminder to all members that this profile is the one that is available to the public.  Ensuring you keep this up to date will help in advertising your business to members of the public looking for inspectors in your area.

Remember, it is only with member support that we can:

  • Provide web services to link your business to your clients more efficiently
  • Provide you with access to free webinar functions to allow you to get your message out
  • Develop relationships with suppliers to offer you tangible benefits.
    (Currently, the benefits exceed 6x the annual membership fee!)
  • Continue to provide a voice for you to Government and other professions.
  • Continue to enhance the Canadian Certified Home Inspector program to ensure it more widely accepted across Canada
  • Provide mentor-ship connection, TIPR programs, proctored examinations and education to paid-up members

Also, volunteering is a great way to enhance your business knowledge and provide you with outreach to people you may not normally come across in your daily operations.  It looks great on your resume and provides you with access to opportunities that would normally not be available.

About OntarioACHI

Founded in 2012 the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors is a not-for-profit association of members with aims to improve the quality and standing of Home and Property Inspection for the benefit of consumers and our profession. The association is run by, and for, Home & Property Inspectors in Ontario. Our goal is to ensure all Home Inspectors are qualified to the highest standards and comply with the most exacting professional Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and Duty of Care. A consumer hiring an OntarioACHI qualified Canadian-Certified Home Inspector (CCHI) will know they have they hired a truly Professional Home Inspector.
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